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Conquer The Fat

Presenting the "Conquer The Fat" program, exclusively offered by Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care. The "Conquer The Fat" program features unique procedure combinations that focus on helping to decrease unwanted fat including love handles, double chins, braw bulges, thighs, and belly circumference. Take control with this non-surgical, and non-invasive program. Take control and conquer the fat.
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About the Program

  • Decrease belly circumference and get rid of back fat, braw bulges, and fatty thighs with Vanquish.
  • Say good bye to double chins with Kybella.

The target end result is to decrease belly size while also cutting down the visible bulges. We also treat the chin area (if you have decreased other embarrassing fat areas, why leave a double chin hanging around).

  • Target those annoying fat bulges with the Vanquish and Cool Sculpt combination.
  • Use Vanquish to attack the back fat and braw bulges.
  • Use Cool Sculpt to get rid of love handles, side fat, and belly bulges.

The goal of this package is to decrease the bulging areas that are typically visible.

  • Focus on that stomach with a series of Vanquish first and then finish the job with Cool Sculpt
  • Vanquish is used on the lower stomach to decrease the circumference.
  • Once the stomach size has been decreased, Cool Sculpt is used to target the more difficult area such as belly and sides.

The objective of this package is a smaller and tighter stomach area.

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About the Procedure

Vanquish is a focused field radio-frequency machine that targets the fat below the skin with heat and radio frequency energy. During this treatment a patient lays down under a panel that sits just above the skin. The device will destroy fat cells without harming the surface skin or underlying tissues by passing energy and radio-frequency through the skin into the fat. The treatments are comfortable; with no anesthetic needed; some say it feels like a giant heating pad or like laying under the sun. Vanquish delivers radio-frequency energy into to the fatty layer. The radio-frequency gets stuck in the fat causing the fat to heat up. This heating up process causes the destruction of up to 60% of the fat cells, a process that doctors refer to apoptosis. The fat cells are then further broken down by the body naturally, filtered by the lymphatic system, and metabolized and eliminated through urine. Studies have shown circumferential reduction of 2 inches or more in the abdomen after treatment. Vanquish can also be used on thighs, bra bulges, butt, and lower back fat.

Each Vanquish treatment takes an average of 45 minutes. Most patients need four to six treatments to accomplish their desired outcome. The treatments are to be spaced one week apart. This allows it to destroy up to 60% of the fat cells in any given area and maintain an even treatment. Fat cells do not come back from the dead, but existing or remaining ones can become larger so you must be consciences of your diet and exercise to retain the Vanquish effects. It is also VERY important that patients come to the appointment well hydrated for best results. You should increase water intake for a few days prior and a few days after treatment. Higher hydration helps the flow of the radio frequency toward the fatty tissue during the Vanquish treatment. It also aids in efficient metabolic response after treatment to flush away the dead fat cells. The more hydrated you are, the better the treatment.

Vanquish can be highly beneficial for sculpting and reducing the fatty problem areas. These areas include the tummy, love handles, the back and bra bulges, saddle bags and inner thighs. This treatment is highly recommended for adults over 21 who are within 20 lbs. of their ideal body weight. Patients often see a 2-4 inch reduction of stomach circumference after 4-6 Vanquish treatments. It can be a great alternative to liposuction, when the fatty areas to be treated are not extensive. Additional great features of the Vanquish treatments are that it is non-invasive and non-surgical. Vanquish has no downtime and no risk of scarring, infection or clots, as with liposuction. You may notice some transient redness and puffiness just after a treatment, but this subsides quickly.

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